South Malé Atoll

Emboodhu Express
Located in the southern channel of Emboodhu Finolhu about 1hr 10 minutes sailing from Male’. 
Emboodhu Express is named for its famous currents which can be up to 5 knots that attract 
large pelagics such as sharks and rays. The whole channel is a marine protected area. The 
ern corner is the shark point.
This dive is ideal for advanced divers as the sharks are more likely encountered at greater depths.
dive starts outside the channel: go down to about 15 meters and follow the reef on the 
right shoulder 
until you reach the corner then descend to the channel bottom. If the current is 
running in there is no 
need to go to far into the channel: stay at about 30 meters and wait; the 
sharks will come closer and 
closer. White tip reef shark and grey reef shark are the most common.
An occasional hammerhead might
cruise by as well as eagle rays, sting rays, napoleon, groupers and barracudas.
Watch you dive time and 
air consumption.
Return to the reef and drift into the channel with the reef on the right shoulder. The reef has 
crevices and small overhangs; among the coral blocks you can find lobsters and the oriental
sweet lips. About 200 meters into the channel at 12 meters depth there is a hole in the reef 
where you can swim through into a large over hang filled with black coral. This is the ideal place
to finish your dive and do a safety stop protected from the current.

Emboodhu Cathedral
Located at the Northern reef of Male south Atoll to the east. 45 minutes sailing from Male'. This
dive is adive for novice as well as experienced divers. The reef is a vertical wall which starts at 3
meters and fallsd own to about 35 meters. The name Cathedral comes from the huge overhang 
that extends in to the reeflike a celestial dome, densely grown with sponges and soft corals.
Within the overhang in the reef are two smaller niches where large lion fish and moray eels live,
large tiger cowry shells are often seen here as well. The walls at shallower depths have many 
small crevices full with life. Keep looking to the deep as well as large fish swim by. This is a very
colorful dive with lots of marine life.

Emboodhu Canyon

Located in the middle of the northern reef of Male South Atoll. 45 minutes sailing of Male'.
is a magnificent dive with imposing topography, fish life and corals. A large boulder, the size of
an apartment block stands apart from the reef forming a canyon about 100 meters long, 13 
meters deep and about 15 meters wide. Many different species of fish can be seen here, notably
large schools of sweet lips and red snappers, napoleon wrasse, thousand of anthias and huge
groupers hiding among the
 rocks. The corals on the outer side of the canyon are magnificent. 
Further along from the canyon the reef
becomes a vertical wall with lobsters, eels and shrimp 
amid the colorful coral coverage. White tip reef 
sharks are often seen cruising in the current.



Vaadoo Caves
On the north side of Vaadoo Resort about 50 minutes from Male'. Here the reef drops off into 
the depths of Vaadoo Channel. This dive is best with a current from east to west. A very large 
overhang starts at 15meters and drops to about 30 meters. Inside the overhang are different 
plateaus, which are grown overwith whip coral. The ceiling is fully covered with blue and yellow
soft corals. Schools of sweet lips and snappers shelter within the overhang. Turtles are common
on this site. Keep the reef on the left and youwill find another overhang at about 8 meters.
Out on the reef top with a slight current you will be surrounded by fusilier fish.


Vaadoo Coral Garden

This reef is located west of Vaadoo, about 60 minutes from Male’. This is a good dive for novices.

The best
 place to begin the dive is in the atoll opposite the water bungalows where the reef is 
protected from the
wave actions. The corals here are beautiful. The reef slopes to a sandy 
bottom at a maximum of 30 
meters. Fish life is abundant with many varieties; colorful basslets 
and damsels surround the corals with
 schools of trigger fish and banner fish hovering above. 
Swimming to the North the reef slowly changes 
more to a wall. Closer to the Vaadoo channel 
the current might change, it is time to go to the top of the 
reef and finish the dive.

Velassaru Caves
Located on the northern reef in the Vaadoo Channel about 60 minutes sailing from Male'. 
reef top isat 3 meters and falls away into the deep. Start the dive at the eastern point of the 
island and follow the current. The corals are abundant, as is the fish life. The reef is pock 
marked with small and large caves where you may find stingrays and turtles resting on the sandy
bottom. Large schools of the red tooth trigger fish and anthias are seen here.
If the current is from West to East follow the reef to the corner where the lagoon bottom meets
the deep
of the Vaadoo channel. The bottom is sand and at 30 meters drops in to the deep. The 
plateau forms a 
barrier for the current and the water wells upward, bringing colder water from 
the deep. Large fish can 
be seen cruising around here as well as sharks. 

 North Malé Atoll