2000: March 19: Slide show Thaajudheen School Environment club.

2000: April 8th: Snorkeling for ITE Students.  (18 Students)

2000: April 23 & 24: Slide Show ITE Teacher Trainees.

2000: May 1st: The First Dive Master Training Program for MHRL.  A 3 month Dive Master training from Open Water diver for 7 candidates.

2000: June 10th: Maldives Water Sport Festival at the Artificial Beach.  Sea Explorers conducted a bubble maker Program where 104 children tried out Scuba. (24 Volunteer Divers Participated).

2000: 17th June: Clean up of Male North Reef with NSS Coast Guard.  18 Volunteers and Sea Explorers provided Equipment for the NSS certified Divers.  

2000: 18th June: Slide Show at Kalaafaanu School for Grade 4 Students. (110 Students.)  

2000: 31st July: Slide show for Kalafaanu grade 3 Environment club. (Gert, Jo, Shaahina)


2000: 6th October: Teachers day: Discover Scuba to 40 TS Teachers.  (Gert, Andrew, Azee, Allo, Dhunaim, Hassan, Faya, Dhayyan, Shaahina.).  


2001: May 4th Second Dive Master Training Program for MHRL.  A 3 month Dive Master training from Open Water diver for 6 candidates


2001: 5th and 6th July Sports for All. Sea Explorers provide equipment and Dive Masters  to introduce SCUBA to the young . Done in Vilingili the neighboring Island . A total of  140 children did an Intro dive from the beach.


2001: 22nd September started the Third Dive Master Training Program for MHRL.


2002: 28th till 30th April National Scout Jamboree provide introduction to SCUBA Diving for 365 boy- and girls scouts. Done in the Artificial beach . Zoona, Allo, Sobah, Thasleem and more volunteers helped.


2002: 8th June Environment day we collaborated with the Coast Guard and cleaned up a large stretch in he southern Harbor of Male. 12 volunteers from the dive school participated.

2002: 9th September Slide show for Jamaludeen School grade 3's. 160 Children participated in the Coral Reef Awareness Slide Show.