Global Clean up Day
16th September 2006

The earth is a cleaner place today due to the efforts of thousands of volunteers worldwide who took part in the International Clean Up Day on the 16th of September. 

As our contribution, Sea Explorers joined with Maldivers, Divers Lodge and the Environmental Research Centre to clean up one of the reefs in Villingilli. Around 60 divers, snorkellers and supporters spent their Saturday morning collecting an amazing assortment of debris from the water and the surrounding rocks. Approximately 400 kilograms of rubbish was removed: with an eclectic mix of old metal, wires, plastic bags and bottles, fishing line, bicycles and old computer parts. 

The group of children amused themselves with rubbish collecting races and managed to collect four large bags of rubbish from the nearby area.  

As divers and snorkellers we are more aware than most people of the impact of debris on the health of the beautiful waters of the Maldives. When rubbish sinks below the surface it is not gone, it probably has more impact on the environment there than if it were on the land. As the natural ambassadors of the sea it is our responsibility to help protect the health of the reefs and it is through efforts such as this clean up day that we can make a difference.  

Many thanks to all who took part. Collectively, our efforts managed to have a significant effect on the amount of pollutants in the water surrounding Villingilli making it a safer, healthier place. Together we made a difference.


Ready to Go



Ready for Lift Up

Collected pile of Garbage

Snorkeling Adventures. 
15th September 2006

As part of their celebration of Teachers’ Day 2006, the teachers of Kalaafanu School invited Sea Explorers to take them for a snorkelling excursion.

Divers from Sea Explorers joined the 85 teachers on the island of Feydhoo Finolhu which is surrounded by a lagoon containing an excellent assortment of corals and fish.

Confident swimmers swam out over the reef experiencing the wonderful variety of marine life that could be seen. The more uncertain were able to take part by using surfboards to support them while masks allowed them to see under the water. For many teachers it was a new and exciting discovery as they hadn’t previously ventured into the deeper waters where the colourful coral and fish life can be seen.

The intent of the exercise was to allow the teachers to experience the life of the coral reefs so they can in turn help their students to understand the unique and wonderful environment in which they live. An appreciation of the importance of the coral reefs is imperative for the continued vitality of the Maldives and it is through education that the future is shaped. The teachers will also be reviewing and using a power point presentation on the life and health of coral reefs which has been developed by Shaahina of Sea Explorers.



Getting ready


...And looking...

...A real close up...

World Environment Day
5th June 2006
To celebrate World Environment Day 2006, students from seventeen Male’ schools joined with local Dive Schools and representatives from Ecocare on Villingilli to learn about and experience the diversity in the local environment.

The seventy four children learnt about the structure of coral reefs and the importance of maintaining them as a habitat for fish and marine animals. They also had the opportunity to interact directly with the environment by taking part in diving and tree climbing exercises, allowing them to witness and experience the importance and vitality of these two very different aspects of their local environment.

Dive instructors and Dive Masters  from Sea Explorers Dive School , Maldivers and Diverslodge dive schools took the children and some of their teachers on an introductory dive experience allowing them to view the diversity of fish life and coral structures to be found in the lagoons encircling Villingilli. For many children it was the first time they had experienced the underwater world that surrounds them. Ecocare representatives had erected an rope and harness system allowing the children to climb one of the tall trees on Villingilli giving them the opportunity to experience the grandeur of the trees as well observe their importance as a habitat for insect and animal lifeA great time was had by all students as they gained a greater appreciation of the unique environment in which they live.

Participating schools:

Kalaafaanu School     Majeediyya School        Madhrasathul Ahmadhiyaa  Madhrasathul Aliya     Maaffanu Madhrusa       CHSE                
Thajudin School        Imadhudin School  Galolhu Madhrasa
Aminiya School    Muhyidin School  Madhrasathul Ameer Ahmed 
Jamaluddin School  Dharmarantha     Iskandharu School
Giyasudhin School      Madhrasathul Arabiyya

Dive Instructors preparing the Equipment   Individual instruction to the students
Into the water trying it out Presentation on the coral reef.

SAARC Coastal Day
5th May 2006

We where asked to participate in this event and we did.
The big banner we had made of the reef was used to show everybody the reef top.
Specially for this event we had puzzles made with environment messages. There where 7 puzzles. Kids had to complete these and pas a small environment quiz to win a prize. The prize was one of the puzzles.